Banners and Pop-Unders:
Increase your Profit!

  • Several ad formats available

    IAB Ad Unit sizes available and non intrusive pop-unders formats (you can set up the pop-under frequency per user).
    You can also serve pop-unders ads to targeted consumers, providing quality leads that pay out more than average display ads. With our CPV network, publishers are paid every time an ad is viewed, not when it is clicked.
  • eCPM optimized by OxaMedia RTB System

    Our Top Advertisers ads are run on Publisher websites according to the target audience. If your website generates a high volume of impressions, we can guarantee you a minimum eCPM and provide you with a specific pass-back tag.
  • Compatible with other networks such as AdSense

    You can keep the ads you already run on your website. You can dedicate evena single ad unit to Oxamedia to increase your revenues!
  • Check your website revenues and request your Payment.

    See the increase in your Profits in Real-Time. Guaranteed Payments through Paypal or bankwire.
  • ..and much more..